Review & Commenting Guidelines in

We want to build a community that is:

  • Constructive -- your contributions push the sphere of human knowledge forward;

  • Positive -- your contributions are focused around improving research, not tearing it down: and

  • Reliable - your contributions to the site are yours and provided in good faith.

With that in mind, we’ve developed the following principles:

Post-publication reviews (PPRs) and comments are to be based around the research or reviews in question. Reviews and comments gratuitously aimed at individuals or groups are not acceptable.

  1. Post-publication reviews should be written by you. Plagiarism, whereby you present someone else's work or ideas as your own without full acknowledgment, is unacceptable.

  2. Do not copy and paste large sections of content from other places unless it is your own work (from your blog, for example). In these cases, please add a link to the original content. See this review as a guide.

  3. Comments solely stating that a paper is of good or poor quality is not a post-publication review. Post-publication reviews and comments should aim to provide insight, context and constructive feedback in the hope of progressing research and understanding in the field.

  4. Scrutiny and criticisms should be focused on the research, evidence-based (with citations), constructive and include recommendations for improving the work / future research.

  5. When signing PPRs and comments, ensure you have a completed profile (profile picture, bio and affiliations and linked ORCID ID) so readers can see your credentials and place your reviews or comments in context.

  6. Avoid overly emotional language (positive or negative) where possible.

  7. Where practicable, we will contact parties that are in breach of the guidelines and provide an opportunity for content to be amended. Where content is considered to be beyond reproach, it may be removed without prior warning. We will always notify the author of content that has been removed.

  8. Publons Community Managers periodically check the content of reviews and comments for material breaches of the guidelines.

  9. We invite users to report instances where they believe these guidelines have been breached by emailing , linking to the relevant review or comment and outlining how the content is in breach of the guidelines.

  10. Please do not include a link to any blog or website that is outside the scope of your review or the study itself. This includes any site connected to a campaign or movement with a political or social agenda.

  11. Please do not include advertising for commercial products or services of all kinds.

  12. Disclose conflicts of interest